The terraced tables looked inviting, and it wasn’t too hot to enjoy the views across the Front Street in the former Disney town of Celebration.

We were so taken by the apparent charms of the location, we would lunch in Columbia instead of our intended spot  at Café D’Antonio.

Perhaps  Columbia’s location beneath Celebration’s most impressive ‘Art Deco’ styled cinema lead us to think big?

Perhaps the continual quest to beat the ‘standard menu plague’ of Orlando’s restaurants tipped the balance?

In reality, our visit today had us sat at our table for about 10 minutes without service, clearly forgotten about.  Is 10  minutes really that bad?  Well we think so, as it’s an eternity when all you want is a soda or a beer or even a glass of water!  (Let alone a chance to place your main order!)

Eventually, we were attended, and drinks and foods orders were placed.  We started to feel less concerned as the lovely Sangria started to find its way into our systems.

The choice of appetisers were numerous, but the Queso Fundido was no fun at all when it arrived.  The melted cheese and tomato sauce had failed to work at all, and offered a mixture of luke warm lumps.  More annoyingly, the dipping bread arrived bone dry, leaving the party under the distinct impression that the bread had in fact been dry prior to toasting.  (It ‘squeaked’ as you bit into it!)

The Shrimp Supreme was a better choice and the light dip was a great compliment to the dish.  At this point though, the poor service and one questionable appetizer meant that our confidence was down.

As the Entrees arrived, the Cannelloni de Langosta looked the more appetizing of the dishes ordered, although a little ‘flatter’ than expected, it seemed to have collapsed and lacked the freshness ‘made from scratch’ pasta dish should provide.

The ‘El Combo de Cuba’ in hindsight was perhaps an overambitious attempt to enjoy a sampling of fine Cuban cuisine, particularly as the sauce on the dishes had congealed and the beans had dried to a point that they and the sauce that they were in had lost any hint of gloss entirely.  Clearly the dish had been stood for some time prior to reaching the table.

The bill wasn’t unreasonable, had the food been up to standard, but sadly, we couldn’t recommend the Columbia due to poor service and badly presented food.

10 out of 10 for menu choices, and amazingly, this place didn’t seem to have any shortage of diners on a fairly busy Sunday Lunchtime!

Perhaps we just had a bad experience, but I doubt that we will make a second attempt for a very long time.