Lagging well behind the rest of the USA states, Florida finally wakes up to what might well be the biggest killer of young adult Americans!

Governor Rick Scott finally passes a Bill that bans texting while driving in the State, making the Sunshine State the 41st to do so!


The facts about Florida’s Texting while Driving Ban

  • The law became effective Tuesday 28th May 2013
  • Drivers may still text while stopped in traffic or at lights etc
  • the offence is secondary (you can’t be charged for just texting!)
  • A primary offence such as speeding must be charged at the same time
  • The fines are set to $30 + court costs
  • Second offenses are $60 + court costs


What the law means to Florida State Visitors

The chances are, that you are already a resident in a state or country that already bans texting and driving.  Florida has been very late at adopting this into law.
Our advice covers two points;

  • Orlando roads are extremely busy, remove all distractions possible while traveling in the area and bear in mind also that local drivers may still be texting away like crazy!
  • The law is the law, despite the weak rulings and fines.  Always drive within the law!


The risks of texting while driving

There are many studies about the risks and all appear to raise one startling fact, that texting while driving is more dangerous than drink driving!
If you are doubtful about that, be honest with your own experiences and try to recall some incidents where you’ve drifted off course or had to brake hard to avoid a collision.

Add that scenario to a very busy I-4 or a network of roads laced with traffic lights, and you can easily understand how people run red lights or slide into other vehicles!

Still not sure?  Read these articles;

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