Several reports and social media posts came in last night indicating that one of the huge cylindrical aquariums at Downtown Disney’s legendary T-Rex cafe sprung a serious leak last evening.  Some diners were said to be ‘extremely wet’ as literally thousands of salty marine water sprayed out of a ruptured vertical seam onto nearby tables.

The unexpected drainage appeared to be spontaneous and didn’t seem to be as a result of any accidental damage, however the entire restaurant was evacuated as thousands of gallons, poured through the narrow split in what looked to be a seam in the curved plexiglas tank.

No reports have been received about the welfare of the ‘regular residents’ of the tank or the complex system of interlinked aquariums at the T-Rex cafe.  Some reports did say that Disney Cast Members did enter the tank and scooped the fish out and transferred to another tank, before continuing dinner service as usual after a mop up!

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