It looks as though the Orlando Sentinel was first to reveal a Disney price increase of $4 per park for an adult or child’s one day Magic Your Way pass into the Magic Kingdom.
Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are also up $4 to $94, however the costs to visit Disney QuestBlizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are unaffected.
It was only June of 2013 since we last saw an increase and observers might be justified to begin their complaints as the news becomes widespread across forums and blogs.

Disney would most definitely have calculated the risk of raising prices so soon again, but the imminent opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a sure fire way to keep the faithful Disney fans flooding into WDW, no matter what it costs.
Record attendances are expected throughout 2014 and the executives will be keen to ensure that the parks return as large a profit as humanly possible during that time.

The official Disney price list hadn’t been updated as of Sunday 23rd, despite that day being the launch of the increase.
Coupled with the fact that Disney have deliberately kept this increase below $100, their marketing team must surely be anticipating a backlash once that magical one hundred dollar mark is breached.  At the going rates of increase, we expect that momentous event to occur in 2014 or early 2015 at the latest, as Disney further capitalizes on the upturn in attendances Orlando visitors that will descend upon Universal’s new Diagon Alley area this summer.

Feb 2014 Disney Ticket Prices


Our Opinion of the latest Disney Park Ticket Increase

Is $100 worth it to visit the Magic Kingdom?  Absolutely.
Dare we say it, despite the huge outcries about this and further ticket increases, Disney’s park attendance’s will continue to soar!

The disappointment for us though, is that Disney might be seen to have played this latest increase in a rather underhanded kind of way.
For such a master of publicity, and a huge amount of resources, the surprise increase hasn’t officially even been announced.
‘Leaked’ by the Orlando Sentinel in the dead of the night, potential guests would wake up to a near $100 park entrance.  This isn’t a great example of media relations!

For most fans, the increase will not be a huge issue.
No doubt when the official prices are released on Monday, we will learn that the multi day tickets that most guests opt for will increase by only a small amount spread over their number of days.
For example:

  •   3 day base Magic Your Way ticket increased by $12 from $262 to $274.
  •   6 day base Magic Your Way ticket increased by $15 from $299 to $314.
  • 10 day base Magic Your Way ticket increased by $15 from $339 to $354.
  • Annual Passes go up by around $20 – $25 each

There’s no doubt about it $100+ single park tickets are only a vacation or two away and don’t forget that Disney may also hike EpcotHollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom up from $94 to $99 a ticket next time round!

It’s impossible to tell where prices will be next year, but by using a very simple line chart, we can see that if prices head on at the current rate of increase, it could cost a whopping $153 for a single day pass into the Magic Kingdom by 2025.

Disney Ticket Price History and Forecast

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