UPDATE: The Starbucks at Hollywood Studios is now confirmed by Disney.
It will be called the “The Trolley Car Café”.

IMG_6772The beautiful LA Prop Cinema Storage shop, which s located on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, is about to close from June 16th 2014.
While stunning to look at, the store itself won’t be missed, selling fairly typical Disney merchandize.
What will be more interesting is the reaction to the high possibility that the spot will be transformed into the 5th Walt Disney World Starbucks (2x Downtown Disney, 1x Magic Kingdom, 1x Epcot).
Reports are suggesting that the LA Prop Cinema Storage will be up and selling coffee by Feb 28th 2015, although Disney are yet to confirm that Starbucks are actually moving into the LA Prop Cinema Storage store as part of its deal to have a Starbucks in every main WDW location.

It is highly unlikely that the exterior of the store will change much.
The streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are inspired by stunning real life Hollywood architecture and it won’t make too much sense to undo that immense Imagineering effort!
The LA Prop Cinema Storage shop is modelled on the Ivy Substation on Venice Boulevard in Culver City and forms part of the concept that the original DisneyMGM Studios adopted during its creation prior to the grand opening on May 1st 1989.
The vast majority of the now Hollywood Studios buildings take their details and designs from real life iconic buildings in Hollywood, LA.

Love it or loathe it, Starbucks is coming to Walt Disney World!

Our view
We can’t help feel that Disney are doing the right thing somewhere along the line with their partnership with Starbucks.
Sure, we lose a few places that we’ve loved for years, or in the case of the LA Prop Storage store; ‘we’ve been in’.
Disney had to step up their game as guests called for better value and higher quality food in their parks.  With many guests asking for better food service, Disney did well in our opinion to turn to a proven player in Starbucks.
They may not be everybody’s favorite, but love them or loath them, most guests will appreciate their quality bakery goods, consistent service and prices that, while not cheap on the high street, work out nicely in the theme parks.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios Starbucks