The Backlot Express - About to make way for a new Star Wars kid's ride?

The Backlot Express – About to make way for a new Star Wars kid’s ride?

Some huge changes could be headed in the Direction of Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the next half dozen or so years!

As we check out some of the more credible rumours, it’s clear that Disney are taking their ‘least popular park’ title quite seriously.  With this ‘oddest of Disney’s theme parks nudging almost 10m guests per year, it is only just slightly behind Animal Kingdom in fourth place.

As we’ve often written, there’s something lacking in Hollywood Studios, and in the main, it appears to be family wide activities.  Show guests a ‘good’ family attraction beyond the Toy Story Midway Mania and people will stop moaning I guess.

The new Cars Land looks set to change all of that as the rumours point to a total rebuild of the Backlot Tour Area.   That’s a great start indeed if the rumours are true, but now Disney may be poised to exceed our expectations  with a gentle improvement to the Star Tours area of the park.

Star Wars Land Rumours According to Screamscape today, there’s a hint that Disney might be wiping out the Backlot Express restaurant to make way for a Star Wars themed kids ride and a Cantina restaurant.   At last, something for kids to enjoy with their parents, instead of being battered about on adult rides or sitting on the kerbside waiting with mom!

Further to this, the prediction is that the Jedi Academy may be heading indoors to the unused and always absolutely useless Sounds Dangerous theater,  Hurrah, at least it will be used for something fun and we can expect a much more entertaining show rather than rabble of kids and actors!!

The big shocker if at all true is that Screamscape hint towards the Great Movie Ride falling completely, or at best take a total re-skin to make way for a ‘dark ride Star Wars thrill ride.
Now that makes sense.
Although lots of adults love to slowly whirr past the old classics, how on earth does the Great Movie Ride engage with the Disney Fans of tomorrow?
The easy answer if course is that it won’t!

Now that Disney have the rights to Star Wars from LucasFilm through its $4.06 billion deal, it’s absolutely clear that the brand will be ‘maxed out’ by Disney as soon as possible, and timing to coincide with Disney’s first new production can be expected for a fair old chunk of upgrades at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!