Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular


STAR WARS: A New Benchmark In Multi Media Night Shows

Disney’s Imagineers truly deserve credit for transforming Grauman’s Chinese Theatre into the most creative evening show backdrop.
Quite how much detail went into the Star Wars themed light, laser and sound show might well be beyond our editorial team, but the result is a sensory bombardment lasting a full 12 minute 45 seconds, that will delight even the most avid ‘Star Wars cynics’.
During our exclusive ‘pre-show’ interview with Walt Disney World Show Director, Michael Roddy, it became quite apparent that Roddy was truly proud of his team’s efforts in creating this spectacular tribute to one of the Universe’s most popular franchises.

The Force, and its devoted fan base must never be taken lightly, and thankfully, the resulting show pulled no punches, leaving the fascinated crowd immersed within a graceful sound score (thank you John Williams!), expertly selected motion scenes (projected onto the walls of the Great Movie Ride) and last but not least, a thrilling light, laser and pyro show (that no doubt entertained everyone living within a 10 mile radius!).

What this show isn’t;

Despite being big and bold, this isn’t a brash display of shock and awe pyrotechnics.
This sophisticated show is centered upon a subtle and immaculately timed sound score that appears to do an amazing job of softening the tremendous batteries of powerful mortars.   With 7 Star Wars movies to call upon, the visuals are understandably impressive, but the audio entrance of Darth Vader fills the park with a sense of chilling fear, with a collective gasp from the engrossed audience.
To the surprise of many, this new show isn’t just aimed at Star Wars fans and it’s not just for boys and their nostalgic dads either, it has ‘oohs and aahs for everyone.
We strongly advise you not to miss this.

Add this to the unmissable list of ‘to do’

After being fascinated by the show creator’s enthusiasm during our interview before the show this week, we strongly suspected that this might actually be a very special show.
Roddy (who we suspect to be a devoted Jedi) clearly took the preparation for this show personally.  His passion for shows is undoubted, but his passion for Star Wars perhaps fueled this mission into space.
We think that it is so unique, so well crafted and so entertaining, that any guest over the age of 3 should see the show during their next visit to Orlando.

What about Star Wars fans?

Warsies, if that’s the collective name, need not be concerned that this is a ‘dumbed down Disney show’.  George Lucas would be impressed and Walt Disney would applaud this imaginative show.
Seeing original footage, projected so masterfully, times to original music is a sheer stroke of genius that would send shivers down the spine of the most devout fan of Star Wars.

When and Where to See the Star Wars Firework Show

  • Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios
  • Best views in are in the Animation Courtyard and Echo Lake area
  • From 9:30pm each evening – weather permitting
  • The Dessert Party (click for details on the official Disney World page)
    Trust us, this is definitely worth $69 per adult and $35 per child for a special occasion!


Could this be bigger than Fantasmic?

Judging by the chatter in the ‘after show silence’, for many, the answer was a clear ‘yes!’ That, is as good a credit as Michael Roddy could ever have hoped for.
His deep research and obsession for detail certainly paid as far as we could determine.
The immersive and overwhelming emotion that the show stirs is going to be irresistible for anyone that enjoyed any of the movies.
What makes the show a huge success for me however, is that any temptation to ‘dumb down’, was well and truly resisted by the imagineers.
It would have been so easy for Jedi Mickey to appear in the final scene in one form or another, and no doubt to the delight of the audience, but thankfully not this time round.
It’s only an opinion, but the creative team deserve a lot of credit for ensuring that this show is all about the story, and all about the movies.
Best of all, Star Wars VIII and IX are traveling our way soon, to add new chapters for Disney to weave into no doubt better shows of the future!
As for Fantasmic?  As a family based insight into Mickey’s dreams, how can anything topple that?

Our Exclusive Interview with Michael Roddy – Show Director

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