It’s no big shocker that ‘Star Wars land‘ is hotly tipped to arrive in Disney’s Hollywood Studios some time in the future.  We and many other blogs have been predicting something along those lines for well over a year now.

What really did interest us this week was the announcement by Disney CEO Bob Iger, that the new attractions (still not confirmed to be coming to any particular theme park!), would be strongly based upon the upcoming new Star Wars movies, currently in the process of piecing together with director J.J. Abrams.

The Disney Imagineers have been left a little out in the cold by the movie genius, who apparently pulled the shutters down on everyone and anyone that was not essential to the early development of the movies.
With that kind of exclusivity, it’s no wonder that ‘Project Orange Harvest’ took a big delay.

Thankfully, things are apparently under way again, and we can probably expect to see some more major upheavals in the prime target in Orlando; Hollywood Studios.
Already, some key attractions closed already in 2014, including the American Idol Experience and The Backlot Tour.
Rumours are, that the Star Wars project is going to be significant, so watch out for a lot of construction boards over the coming years at DHS!