Sorcerer’s Hat – Will be demolished, commencing Jan 7th!

Days are numbered for the Sorcerer's Hat!

Days are numbered for the Sorcerer’s Hat!

The Sorcerer’s Hat will soon vanish (early 2015) from Hollywood Studios as Walt Disney World’s makeover of the former Disney-MGM Studios steps into gear at long last.
The 122ft tall hat has been the park’s emblem since 2001, loathed by some, loved by others, but whatever your thoughts about the icon, you’ve got to admit that the park needs a big boost.

With a very likely rework of much of Echo Lake already rumoured, a strong Star Wars theme will almost certainly be coming to that side of the park.
With a postponement of the Tower of Terror 10 Miler we’ve already predicted some further huge changes over on the opposite side of the park, especially around the vast Backlot Tour area, which already closed this month.

It’s the Sorcerer’s Hat though, that sends out the biggest clue about the scale of the changes.
Although it’s currently just a shelter for a gift kiosk, it’s removal signifies that Hollywood Studios is going to probably benefit from a whole new theme.
Rumours have suggested a Pixar flavor will dominate the park, but nothing looks set to be confirmed for a while at least.
No news either as to whether the ‘Big Ass Hat’ as it is sometimes affectionately known will be used elsewhere in WDW.  A fabulous new shelter for Fantasia Gardens mini golf would be cool, but sadly, that is just a wild dream of our own!

Up Balloons and HouseInterestingly, with Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Brave, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Bug’s Life as options for park features and attractions, a new Park icon could be fun!

Can you imagine this floating high above the park?

So for now, we can only guess as to what’s coming to this tiny theme park, but our guess is that this is going to be a crucial project for Walt Disney World!
Great news too for guests that would prefer to see the replica ‘Chinese Theater’ that houses the Great Movie Ride!

Our hope is that a big ‘retro Mickey’ gets pride of place in that area, to tie in with the 1930s theme of Hollywood Boulevard!

Predicted changes for Hollywood Studios

Because of the loss of a couple of popular attractions, the remaining stuff at Hollywood Studios will be under even more demand than usual, so Fastpass+ is going to be essential if you are travelling there at an other time than low season!

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