Sid Cahuenga's Hollywood Studios

One of our favorite Disney stores, fell victim of progress this weekend as Fastpass+ marched deeper into Walt Disney World.

The curiosity store is located was located just inside the park entrance on the left hand side and had a great collection of collectibles that differed from the usual Disney merchandize that the parks tend to suffer from.

Often you could walk around this pricey but cool cabin all on your own, thanks to the ‘oddness’ of the goods on sale and the awkward location that seemed too close to the entrance to make sense.

Sid Cahuenga’s store, adorable as it was, just didn’t seem to fit in with the location, and probably would have been a better fit over in the Backlot Tours area as a ride exit store, thanks to its historic Disney links.

Soon, the old Sid Cahuenga store will make way for a new MyMagic+ service centre as Disney step up their roll out of the RFID contactless vacation planning system that has had over $1bn of investment pumped in.

How ironic that Disney have cut precious retail store space in order to take care of a system that is there to help encourage you to buy?
That’s how important Fastpass+ is and that is how confident Disney are that it is really going to squeeze the dollars from your next visit!