View From Top of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


Our friends at Screamscape posted that they understand that Cast Members will commence their training on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on April 20th 2014.
That being the case, we can definitely expect to see the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train officially open in the Magic Kingdom some time in May.  If however, you are heading to orlando earlier, we’d definitely suggest keeping a close eye on the final piece of New Fantasyland, especially towards the last week in April as staff training always means ‘soft openings’.

What are soft openings?  Simply put, they are the chance to run a very limited number of people through the attractions on a very limited basis.  This usually takes place after the attractions’ operational team transitions from their training phase to their official opening under the watchful eye of the tech team and ride engineers.
Safety is already in the bag, as a given, following exhaustive tests that have continued for the last 3 or 4 months.  What sot opening does do however, is get the Cast Members used to the different line waits issues, practice the precise loading techniques and learn how to interact with the ride guests to create the wonderful atmosphere for each and every guest.

As things look, we can sure expect New Fantasyland to quickly become the busiest place on earth for a few months at least!