Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesYou heard it first from us!
We would not be surprised at all if the much awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was sent merrily down the tracks with its first guests this evening or at the very latest tomorrow morning!

What’s feeding this wild speculation?
Those construction boards are finally down from the ride load area and a few wheeled planters are all that separates us from the mine entrance!
Add to that the fact that the new Soarin video is being shot tomorrow and Sunday at WDW, there’s a 95% guarantee that the long awaited attraction will be included in this video footage that we reported earlier today.

Disney love things to be as authentic as possible, and we would be very shocked if they brought any further actors in for the shoot.  This time we are guessing (and we are only guessing) that real guests will be included in tomorrow’s fly by video.

The soft openings will be very limited, but Disney will be working hard to have a fully tested attraction in time for the Press event that is planned for Friday May 2nd.

We may be wrong, but we bet that right now is a great time to be in New Fantasyland!