Over the weekend we expected to see the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train take its first soft opening runs inside the Magic Kingdom, but sadly, Disney had caught everyone by surprise by running ‘envelope tests on the attraction.
In a nutshell, ‘envelope testing’ recreates the worst case scenario of people sticking arms, legs and hand held objects out of the ride in an act of madness.
The Imagineers need to test that the ride would still be safe if anyone did stick their hands in the air!
If you have ever wondered about this, think how close you think you go to the overhead structures on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!  It seems like you could touch the bridgework above you as you zip by, but envelope testing makes sure that even the tallest riders would come to no harm.

Now that is out of the way for Disney, it seems at last that the Cast Member training can begin for sure as the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train finally takes to the tracks with Disney staff both on board at at the controls.
Such a promising sign today, is a clear indication that the ride is at least operationally capable, and as training develops, we can be sure that loitering park guests may finally get the chance to ride the long awaited Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

With the main press event on Friday 2nd May, we are expecting this to be well and truly tested on guests before a huge official press launch!