Yesterday at 2:30pm the Disney Parks Blog held a Live Chat event between the Disney’s Social Media Manager; Jennifer Fickley-Baker and Imagineer; Dave Minichiello.
A new video was shown of a lovely night scene run of the coaster, set beside an original graphic simulation of how the ride might look.  From the video, we get a nice insight into the landscape and speed of this milder but wild family coaster!

If anything, the Live Chat was a little tame.  We at totalorlando tried to slot into ‘Disney Magic Mode’ and attempted to ask ‘how much of the budget was taken up for precious stones’.  We were shocked to see (or not to see) that neither of the hosts offered a response!

Anyway, we read on, and generally speaking, we managed to glean the following ‘newsworthy notes’:

  • Imagineer Dave Minichiello had been working on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for over a couple of years
  • There’s a lot of tree planting going on right now to create the ‘Forest’ effect for the mine.
  • Internal and external props and details are being applied at the moment
  • The ride focusses on the Snow White story from the Dwarfs perspective, in their world.
  • Many of the film’s characters will be involved
  • The ride system appears to be more controlled, faster and slower sections
  • Great views of the Magic Kingdom in the outdoor sections
  • The ride motion is very smooth.  The tilting carts probably remove any jolts.
  • the mine where a million diamonds shine!’ (Does this mean that there really is a million?)
  • A song is used in the wait area that didn’t make the original movie called ‘Music in Your Soup
  • The line wait area will include some kid friendly activities, including sorting and washing jewels.
  • Ride height confirmed at 38″ min

That is pretty much it!
We will always try and pick through these ‘snoozeworthy’ Live Chats for you.
Believe me, it was such a dull event for such a fabulous ride, ‘Sleepy’ would have needed a car airbag fitting to his forehead lol.

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