Nalani and Malia backBack in June of 2013, SeaWorld shocked us all by lifting their park admission prices to $92 following two previous increases in 2012.
Overall, the twelve month period from the summer of 2012 through summer 2013 added a ‘not insignificant’, $10 to a single day entry into the Ocean based theme park, famed for its Shamu shows and fabulous Manta roller coaster.

Now, unlike Universal and Disney, Seaworld are holding back for the time being before raising their prices again.

In what became a very tough year, 2013 has somehow provided record revenues for 2013, despite a downturn in gate attendances over the same period, triggering perhaps their discount deals with Groupon over the winter months of 2013/14.
Those that did visit SeaWorld, appear to have showed their support, as the amount each visitor spent at the gate, jumped 4.3%.  Indicating that mutli day tickets, annual passes etc possibly helped boost revenues.

If that is the case, some gaps might appear in the 2014 financial results as visitors actually spend LESS as they use their complimentary admission privileges up.
Whatever happens, we hope SeaWorld do well, as this amazing theme park is definitely evolving and offers an amazing family friendly atmosphere for Orlando visitors to enjoy!

Let’s hope SeaWorld keep up the price hold, for a while at least!