Park News – Seaworld’s Shark Encounter gets a routine refurb

Shark Encounter SeaWorld

Shark Encounter Update:

The Shark Encounter attraction will reopen later this afternoon.

In an announcement to totalorlando today, SeaWorld apologised for the closure:

“Shark Encounter was closed temporarily due to maintenance work within the restaurant area; we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.”



We noticed some reports that SeaWorld were hoping for an upgrade to SeaWorld’s Shark Encounter at the Orlando Park, but sadly, no, it’s just a maintenance activity.

Despite being in service since 1979, SeaWorld have persevered with the popular attraction, changing little over the years other than the pre and post aquarium areas.
Changing the water in a domestic aquarium is a challenge enough, but reconfiguring a ‘living reef’ would indeed cause SeaWorld a few problems!

With a rather unplanned closure at peak season, it might be fair to assume that something needed urgent attention.
It would be wrong to speculate as to whether it is an animal care matter, environmental or equipment based such as the moving walkway, so we have requested an update from SeaWorld and will report back soon if we hear anything further.

SeaWorld’s own webpage for the Shark Encounter attraction states that “The Sharks Encounter moving walkway and viewing tunnel will be unavailable July 15th-July 19th for maintenance.”

One thing’s for sure, we wouldn’t suggest for one minute that you skip the park for this minor closure, SeaWorld is without doubt one amazing theme park full of great shows, animal exhibits and extreme roller coasters such as Manta & Kraken!

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