Polar Express Train SeaWorld

Each Christmas, SeaWorld painstakingly transforms the Wild Arctic into what has rapidly become a huge family favorite for Orlando regulars.
The regular WIld Arctic Ride takes guests on a truly extraordinary helicopter flight to the North Pole research station, and the motion simulator creates a realistic helicopter journey that terminates in a beautifully authentic arctic cave, complete with Polar Bears and Beluga Whales.

Each Christmas Time, SeaWorld pull out all of the stops as their Polar Express takes over the duties of the helicopter during the Holiday season.
During 2013, the first train leaves the platform on November 23rd for what will be a most memorable journey to visit Santa Claus.

Once the train, once made famous by the Tom Hanks character in the movie, arrives at its icy destination, guests will climb down those steps in a winter wonderland, complete of course by the very real Santa Claus, for memorable photos!
The words “is he real?” will not be heard on this adventure!

Don’t miss the Polar Express, the unique adventure and the intricate detailing of this special event beats anything we’ve ever seen in Orlando, and that, we are amazed to say, includes at Disney!