Just days after Disney hit guests with a very premature and unexpected price increase, Orlando theme park fans are bracing themselves for the inevitable copy cat move from Universal.

In recent years Universal however, are the ones that generally take the lead on prices, and Disney follow up swiftly.  2014 was different as Disney prepare themselves for a deluge of guests, so eager to scramble deep inside their soon to debut ‘Seven Dwarfs Mine Train‘ in the last section of the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

Keen to take advantage of a rising tide of unhappy Disney guests, SeaWorld might do well to pick up quite a few additional guests with the help of their smart decision to slash the price of a weekday ticket to $50 for US Residents.

Despite some huge challenges over the last few years, SeaWorld appear to be managing the PR aspect of its business very well and this latest move sends out a very big message to Orlando tourists: We Care!
Equally, the SeaWord sister park: Busch Gardens at Tampa, also offers the same weekday deal to visitors during midweek.
We love this from SeaWorld and hope that you do too!

SeaWorld $50 Ticket Deal