SeaWorld are determined to keep up with the big 6 Orlando Parks!

With lots going on inside Disney’s four hugely popular parks, Universal’s monster success with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a host of new attractions at their less popular Universal Studios, SeaWorld’s management team aren’t taking their position at the bottom of the attendance charts lightly!

Worse is yet to come as their nearest rival, Universal Studios, is almost certain to be  developing a second Harry Potter based attraction area.

With pressure like that, and limited tourist dollars to go round, SeaWorld certainly had to pull out the stops!  Particularly since their headline Killer Whale events are now ‘cut down’ versions without human / animal interactions.

Antarctica, without doubt, will not only suck in a lot of gate money, but, will win the admiration and respect from the local attraction industry with this stunningly innovative ride concept that uniquely makes use of their cute stars of land and water, the Penguins!

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