TourPenguin_460x345We are definitely big fans of SeaWorld.Today though we have some odd news about their theme park ticket pricing!
First, the bad news; a standard day ticket jumps up by $3 to $95 for an adult pass, bringing it to within a dollar of Universal’s and Disney’s main day pass rate and only $4 less than the Magic Kingdom for a day.
Second, the second bad news; kids prices and adult prices are now the same!


But, the good news is, that SeaWorld are not shooting themselves in the foot, as it would first appear!
Today also sees the roll out of e very nice discounted ‘buy in advance’ ticket option.
To qualify, you need to purchase online to receive a whopping $30 reduction for a weekday ticket.
This deal will suit careful planners perfectly, as tickets must be used on the day that you book in advance.  Well worth it if you are able to commit!

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesIf however, you are like my team, you like to wake up, smell the ocean breeze and think “SeaWorld!” you can purchase an ‘Any Day’ ticket online in advance for a very reasonable $80.
Better still, pick a weekday and it is only $60 for a day if you book online.

The moral of the story simply is, go online, buy a ticket and you save.
Pick a specific weekday and go online and you save a lot more!

The cause of this new incentive to get you to commit to going to SeaWorld can of course be found in many other theme parks in the region.  With Diagon Alley about to cause people to literally burst with excitement, and Disney’s new family roller coaster awaiting imminent opening, SeaWorld are likely to be the first casualty on people’s itinerary.
The incentive might help keep the Ocean based theme park buzzing a little more than it might as we all do magic in the diamond minds and gold laden banks of Disney and Universal.

Thanks SeaWorld, we like that better than the price increase!
Note: the price rises and deals also apply to Busch Gardens