Cigarz CityWalkTCBYCityWalk Candy Store

There’s a little alley way in Universal’s CityWalk that a good portion of guests might never have encountered.  Tucked behind the Fossil store, this often un-trampled route connects the water front to the upper level of the AMC Cinema.

Those that have ventured up there before, will have probably been a little confused by the very strange collection of stores that include a tattoo parlor, yoghurt store, candy store and even a cigar emporium!

If the Screamscape rumors are anything to go by, this may all be about to change as three connecting stores that cascade down the bank side, might soon be connected together to form one large new restaurant.

As 20 year leases and contracts expire, (yes, CityWalk first opened in May of 1993!), Universal are free to make some hefty changes to pre-empt the incoming Disney missile called Disney Springs.
CityWalk is already undergoing some important changes to restaurants and stores, and we can expect many more as they fight tooth and nail to make every possible square inch of space appealing and profitable!

As Cigarz, TCBY and the Candy Shop, prepare it seems to clear the shelves, we would imagine a very big and attractive replacement will make this rather ‘hidden’ walkway a big part of our future visits to CityWalk!