Spaceship Earth Death Star

At the recent press event, Walt Disney World’s Spaceship Earth made way for the undeniably sinister of the Death Star.
Please believe me, the thing looked as ‘real’ as you could possibly imagine such an evil weapon of fictitious mass destruction could be.
The dark music from composer John Williams accompanied the event and spines were tingling all over the place.  Disney know how to put on a show and this amazing ‘one of its kind’ event did the trick for me, a guy that was at school when the original movie hit the screens.

Rogue One launched this weekend to strong reviews.
It’s the beginning to the Star Wars series that we’d always wanted.
Free from the baggage of episodes already seen, this movie has a freedom to explore the Star Wars concept, and you won’t be disappointed by the liberating effect.
Cinematography and CGI effects create a truly engaging outcome, and needless to say, it is impressive.

For theme park fans, the event was hotly anticipated.  We were expecting great snippets of the heavy construction that is taking place over in Hollywood Studios.
Despite promises of surprises, we were indeed surprised by the lack of surprises!

In true Disney fashion, virtually nothing was given away, except that the Star Wars themed spectacular and the Christmas themed spectacular would both run over the holidays.
Now that is a lot of audio/visual pyro!
Disney can’t be accused of scaling back one bit.
A small snippet is that the Star Tours attraction will be randomized once again.
Offering multiple destinations for brave space passengers!

When ‘real news’ finally comes out about the hotly awaited Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios, we can all expect to have seen at least another movie and reruns before guests pass through the gates of Tatooine!

Spaceship Earth Death Star