Orlando theme park fans couldn’t wish for a better year to visit the Sunshine State.
With Disney’s Pandora – Land of Avatar opening in early summer, new boat rides and flight simulator rides will thrill.

Around the same time, Universal’s exciting new water park will replace the ancient but popular Wet n Wild.
Two major new attraction areas to enjoy and not to mention Disney Springs as it approaches completion of the last few shops and restaurants.

Are Increased ticket prices a terrible downside?

Disney, as in every February of recent times, have lifted all ticket prices again.
The rises always cause a social media kick back and we always feel the pain of our 80,000 Facebook fans every year.
For some, the prospect of a visit to Orlando seems further away than ever as every dollar gets added to the cost of the trip to Florida.

As I sat in the calm of the starlit Animal Kingdom last evening, I did appreciate the sadness of the price increases, but also ‘got’ what Disney is really achieving.

Disney theme parks are steadily evolving to become an experience rather than just  a collection of attractions.  That is why Walt Disney World stands out from the crowd.

Rivers of Light and Fantasmic set Disney World aside as the leader

As much as I adore Universal, shows like the Rivers of Light and Fantasmic are the icing on the cake of an amazing day of fun.

The Rivers of Light show adopts jaw dropping visual effects alongside GPS guided floating displays in order to create stunning water projection backdrops.

How much is Disney’s ‘Magic’ worth per day?

I tried to recap how much I would have paid to watch the show if it were a separate ‘ticket only’ event.
If I could put a dollar amount on Rivers of Light, I’d imagine the gate price would work out nicely at $20.
Festival of the Lion King?  Also $20.

Our Opinion of The Rivers of Light

The Rivers of Light show was delayed several times, pushing it back from 2016 into 2017.
Social media pundits made a big feast of the delay.
As I sat and delighted at the show, I actually uttered the words; “You got it right in the end Disney”.
Bringing creative minds together with cutting edge technology isn’t an easy task, but I for one definitely appreciated the fact that Walt Disney World’s Imagineers had the bravery to take a little longer and give the audience an unforgettable experience!
Last words?  Don’t miss this!

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