The Rip Ride Rockit’s Hidden Song List secret that everyone knew but you!

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesEver wondered why the person next to you was singing ‘Break on Through’ by the Doors, when you exited the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit?
Perhaps you thought he was just a random music fan that just couldn’t get a tune out of his head?
The truth is, there’s a ‘secret’ that nobody cared to tell you about until now!
It’s so ‘un secret’ that it is even posted on the Wikipedia website entry for the Rip Ride Rockit!

rip ride rockit secret

While the 30 standard songs are ok, the extended ‘secret’ list is really something:

*Click on the title to listen to the track in Youtube (new window)

101    2112                                            Rush
102    Blues Before and After               The Smithereens
103    Break On Through                      The Doors
104    Crocodile Rock                           Elton John
105    Do It Again                                   Steely Dan
106    Don’t You                                     Candlebox
107    Drivin’ Rain                                  Gov’t Mule
108    8 Miles High                                 The Byrds
109    Fantasy                                        Aldo Nova
110    I’m A Fool                                     American Hi-Fi
111    For the Love of God                     Steve Vai
112    Free Bird                                      Skynyrd
113    Immigrant Song                            Led Zeppelin
114   Just Because                                Jane’s Addiction
115   Live                                                Lenny Kravitz
116   Mexicola                                        Queens of the Stone Age
117   Unknown                                       Synth Solo
118   Unknown Track                             Sax Solo
121   Runnin’ Down a Dream                 Tom Petty
122   Start Me Up                                   The Rolling Stones
123   Stockholm Syndrome                    Muse
124   Diary of Jane                                 Breaking Benjamin
125   The Great Gig in the Sky               Pink Floyd
127   Urgent                                           Foreigner
128   Vertigo                                           U2
129   Wheel in the Sky                           Journey
130   Won’t Get Fooled Again                The Who
131   Klein Mandelbrot                           Blue Man Group: The Ride
132   Drumbone                                     Blue Man Group
301   Float On                                        Modest Mouse
302   I Want You Back                           Jackson Five
303   In My Pocket                                 Cat Empire
304  Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me                  Billy Joel
306  Lose Yourself                                 Eminem
307  Ride Like The Wind                       Christopher Cross
308  Run to You                                     Bryan Adams
309  Save Room                                    John Legend
310  Vogue                                             Madonna
311  You Make Lovin Fun                      Fleetwood Mac
312  My Everything                                Barry White
506  The Thrill is Gone                           BB King
507  Who Did You Think I Was              John Mayer Trio
508  Pivot                                               Dry (local band)
701  Cyanide                                         Metallica
702  Endangered Species                    Flaw
703  For Whom The Bell Tolls                Metallica
704  Forever Down                                Black Label Society
707  Know your Enemy                         Rage Against the Machine
708  Lets Go                                          Ministry
709  Mouth For War                               Pantera
710  Painkiller                                        Judas Priest
711  Paranoid                                        Black Sabbath
712  Temptation’s Wings                       Down
713  Wicker Man                                   Iron Maiden
714  Unreal                                            Ill Nino
715  Wake Up Dead                              Megadeth
716  We Call This Mutha Revenge        Suicidal Tendancies
718  You’ve Got Another Thing Comin  Judas Priest
726  Monster                                          Skillet
901  Movin Right Along                          Muppets
902  Rainbow Connection                     Muppets
904  Night on Bald Mountain                 Modest Mussorgsky

How to access Rip Ride Rockit’s secret song list

  1. After the ride restraint bar is lowered in the car, press the ride logo on the touchscreen for 10 seconds.
  2. Release your finger after 10 seconds
  3. Enter the track code of your choice
  4. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Please note, that you must remember the track code before you ride
The Rip Ride Rockit’s Hidden Song List titles are not displayed on the touch screen during the selection process.