The Reunion Resort Water Park / Golf / Tennis Fees

Reunion Resort GuideThe table of charges for Reunion Resort’s House Guest Members is set out below.  If you aren’t booked into an official Reunion Resort vacation home or apartment (or their partners), the rules will apply to you if the owner is a Reunion Resort Member and has granted you access.
This includes any guest that has booked a private villa rental, condo or vacation home on the private estates of Reunion Resort.
A                              B
Under 5 days
Notice Fee
Golf  $160 (Jan-May)
$100 (Jun-Dec)
Charged to Member
$20 Day $25
Charged to Member
Water Park
$10 Day Child
$15 Day Adult
Charged to Member
*Note:  Individual Property Managers may also apply small additional Administration charges and any charges to the member would normally be passed onto the guest by the Property Manager.

How to use the Reunion Resort Leisure Fees Table

At first glance, the fee structure is complex, but with a little help from us, we can clear a few things up straight away!
  1. If you only wish to use any of the facilities once or occasionally, and provided that you arrange your leisure activity with your property manager 5 days in advance or more, the cost per person can be found under Column A
  2. If you wish to use any of the facilities occasionally, but at short notice (under 5 days in advance) the cost per person is in Column A plus the admin fee per home in Column B.
    (The Late Fee covers all of the guests staying in your home for that day).

How can I avoid the Reunion Resort Late Fee for the Water Park, Tennis and Golf?

Always arrange any leisure activities well in advance of the day you wish to use the resort facilities.
You need to book at least 5 business days in advance in order to avoid the late fee.
We recommend adding an additional day on for good measure to enable your property manager or owner to make the necessary arrangements with the resort.
The resort will not be able to make exceptions to the Late Fee.

Am I guaranteed to be able to use the Water Park, Tennis and Golf facilities at Reunion Resort?

To be able to access the water park and golf courses at Reunion Resort, the home’s owner must be a Reunion Resort member.  Most homes on Reunion Resort are covered by membership, but we always recommend that you confirm this when enquiring or booking a vacation home.
Each Reunion Resort member can provide a total of 42 days a year of house guest privileges to their house guests.  When you stay in one of the privately owned Reunion Resort Rental homes with a membership and use the water park or golf courses, you will be using some of those days.
Your homeowner or property manager will be able to allocate days for you at the time of booking, so you need not be concerned about not being able to access Reunion Resort’s amazing leisure facilities!
Note: Of course, please recognize that all Reunion amenities are subject to capacity limitations and closure for repair or maintenance from time to time.In addition, please note that all adults ages 18 and up will be required to show photo ID and their Houseguest card at each amenity entrance.

How do I get my Houseguest Card for Reunion Resort’s Water Park, Tennis  & Golf?

  • Only your home owner or property manager can arrange your Houseguest Card and advance notice is required
  • Reunion Resort will not process Houseguest cards for house guests directly.
  • Always try to arrange at least 5 business days in advance with the property manager or owner to avoid a late fee
  • Once your property manager has processed your Houseguest application, and submitted it to the Membership Office, you may pick up your whole family’s cards from the Reunion Resort membership office in the main lobby or the Reunion Grande main building.
  • Photo ID from the lead party member must be presented and a registration must be completed in the Membership office in order to collect the Houseguest cards.
  • Please note that the membership office is not open on Sundays.
  • Membership Office hours are generally 9am through 5pm Monday through Saturday.

Can I Change dates for the Water Park and Golf Access at Reunion Resort?

Yes, guests can amend their dates if required for a $10 admin charge.
Guests should make such arrangements through their property manager or home owners.

Can I Cancel any temporary Water Park or Golf Houseguest card dates at Reunion Resort?

Yes.  Please contact your property manager or home owner to do this.
A cancellation fee of $25 will be applied if the cancellation is made less than two working days in advance of the planned golf or water park activity at Reunion Resort.