Reunion Resort Water Park

Reunion Resort is an amazing place to stay if you are taking your family to Orlando.
With 3 championship golf courses and leisure facilities including an amazing full sized water park, this luxury playground makes your vacation just perfect!

A quick look on Tripadvisor however reveals that not everything went well for everyone!
This little guide tells it how it is, and arms you with the information that you need to have a perfect vacation on Reunion Resort!

Is access to Reunion Resort’s Water Park free if we rent a vacation home?

If you book a vacation home directly with Reunion Resort, or one of their approved partners, then yes, you and your house guests are able to use the water park free of charge throughout your stay.
If like most people, you book directly with a homeowner or a non partner company, you and your home guests may still be able to use the water park on a limited number of days for around $15 per person.
Always check with your booking agent for their policy if you are in doubt and always arrange your visit to the water park well in advance if you wish to avoid late fees.

How much does it cost to visit the Reunion Resort Water Park or Golf Courses?

As of January 2015 water park fees for eligible House Guests are typically around;

  • $15 per adult
  • $10 per child

But please check our detailed Reunion Resort Water Park and Golf Fees article of our main site for a detailed explanation.

Why should we pay extra to use the water park at Reunion Resort?

Reunion Resort is basically a members only resort.  By renting a vacation home through a private owner of their agent, you are able to use the owner’s limited allocation of ‘house guest membership days’.
To obtain one of those membership days as a house guest, Reunion Resort charges an admin fee in order to produce a plastic membership card for your stay.

Although less than convenient, many privately rented homes are offered at rates that are much lower than those offered by Reunion Resort directly.  In reality, the water park’s daily admin fee for the entire family is not exactly loose change, but is minimal in comparison to those premium rates that would get you a vacation home that also includes unlimited access to the water park.

How often can I visit Reunion Resort’s Water Park?

Unless you booked through Reunion Resort directly (or their partners), you could typically expect to visit the Water Park once or possibly twice per week, but always check and confirm when booking your property.

Each homeowner’s membership account is allocated 42 ‘house guest’ days per year.  Not everyone has time to use the water park or would even wish to, so the allocations tend to fluctuate.  The property managers that look after the private rental homes on behalf of those owners have an incredible job of working out the allocations and keeping their homeowners’ guests happy!

Reunion Resort Water Park Bad Reviews

We’ve seen lots of bad reviews about the Water Park, many aimed at Reunion Resort themselves, but in reality, they are not to blame.  The resort is a member’s resort and some agents often fail to advise their rental home guests.
Don’t let those reviews put you off heading to Reunion Resort.  The resort is operated well and the reputable agents and property managers will always do their best to ensure that you have a great time!

If you have a bad experience due to the Water Park access limits, the real complaint should be made about the agent that took your reservation rather than the resort itself.


Which pools can I use at Reunion Resort on an unlimited basis?

Other than the restricted access to Reunion Resort’s Water Park, there are many pools and water play areas around the resort that are available for use free of charge on an unlimited basis if you are staying on the property.

Check our article reviewing all of Reunion Resort’s Pools

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