Latest Reunion Resort Garbage Collection Days & Rules (As of July 2013)

Reunion Resort GuideDuring 2013 Reunion Resort moved from a twice weekly domestic trash collection system to a general garbage and recyclables collection schedule.
Formerly the twice a week collections did not allow for any recycling whatsoever, resulting in all domestic household waste heading to landfill.

The resort’s current Trash day is now on Monday of each week and all garbage must be placed inside the trash bin in order for a collection to be completed.  Loose bags, or any other items left outside the trash can will not be removed as part of the domestic garbage collection process.
Recyclable items such as cardboard, glass bottles, aluminium and steel cans are collected weekly on Fridays.  All recyclable items for collection must be placed in the trash can and loose bags or other items outside of the garbage bin will not be removed.
General household waste and non recyclable items must not be placed in the recyclable garbage cans.

Reunion Resort’s HOA now impose fines for misuse of the garbage collection system and to date most fines have been levied on home owners that have placed refuse bins out on non collection days.


Reunion Resort’s Garbage Collection at a Glance

  • Monday – General Household Waste Collection
  • Friday    – Recyclable household Waste Collection
  • Recyclable Materials include:
    • Metal Cans
    • Glass Bottles
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Plastic Containers
  • All Trash Cans must be stored away from view on non collection days
  • Trash Cans may not be placed into the street on non collection days
  • Fines will be levied on owners & guests for non compliance
  • Rental Home guests may lose part of their security deposit if fines are incurred
  • Additional Waste Skips are located in the amenities area, located near the main security gate.  Excess or uncollected Trash should be placed here safely and tidily inside the containers provided.