Miller’s Orlando Ale House is a relatively new restaurant along the 192 near Formosa and we mistakenly took this as a signal that this would be a worthwhile option for lunch.

In reality, the server greeted our group with less than any enthusiasm and seemed pained to provide us with kids menu’s despite having a 6,9 and 11 year old in tow.  We eventually received the kids menus and ordered.

The appetiser came after about 25 minutes, (the Ale House Combo) and seemed to be barely passable pre-prepared items that clearly seemed to lack any freshness.

As we moved onto our entrees, we were again left feeling that the food was barely passable for sports bar food.  Amazingly, 30 minutes after eating our appetisers the server brought over (with her now expected ‘dead pan’ expression) the remainder of our appetiser; the wedges that appeared to have been baking under the warming lamp.

When asked politely, if we could receive a credit for the ‘messed up’ appetiser, we recieved a stern ‘doubt it’, ‘but I’ll check with the manager’.

Our bill was returned with a $2.60 discount, which seemed a little mean following the fact that the wedges were wholly inedible.

Would we eat there again?

No, we recommend Houlihan’s, or the Longhorn just a few minutes away!