Sat right next to the Cirque du Soleil in Downtown Disney’s West Side, the House of Blues must enjoy one of the best locations for night time trade.  The rustic shack exterior is curiously appealing and the patio and porch areas offer the chance for passing guests to catch a cool beer or cocktail before moving on around Disney’s shopping and entertainment village.

The false exterior resembles a dilapidated series of time sheds, complete with some quirky features along the way.  Step inside and you’ll find a much more comfortable (if somewhat over air conditioned) dining area.

The interior is decorated interestingly with lots of unusual features that make the wait between courses a little more interesting than the usual restaurants in the area.  Not that the wait times are excessive, the service is not bad at all.

The menu offers a wide range of American style dishes, many with a slightly Cajun/Orleans style twist.

The food is well presented, simply prepared, but generally good and it’s quite likely that most diners would consider a follow up visit at some point again.  We were however slightly disappointed in the flatbreads.  Restaurants should be competing fiercely with the quality of their flatbreads.  The profit margins are high, they are relatively simple to turn out well and the ingredients should always make them a bit of a signature when on any menu. Not the case exactly at the House of Blues, sure the toppings are excellent, but the chicken flatbread itself during our visit seemed very dried out for some reason.  It wasn’t crispy it was very dry and crispy and just didn’t seem to appeal.

The entrees were much better however, both the Shrimp and Grits and the French Dip were as good as you’d get in just about any restaurant around Orlando.

Overall, we think that the House of Blues is a good option and for around $25 a person with appetisers, entrees and a few drinks, didn’t seem a bad option during a lunchtime or evening in Downtown Disney!