Disney put their prices up to almost a $100 a day this winter, but when you see the results, you can’t help come to the conclusion that they are spending our hard earned cash quite effectively.   Please don’t get us wrong, nobody likes a price hike, but who could fault a smoothly staged 24hr heroes and villains event that costs absolutely nothing more than a regular park pass?

From 6 am on May 23rd, the gates opened with a welcome party and many of the park’s regular attractions whirred into life as if it were 9am on a regular day.
At 6am, the darkness began to fade, as the Magic Kingdom was washed over with the gorgeous warm twilight air that can only be discovered in the Sunshine State with that kind of thrilling charm.  By 6:30am, the sun began to appear over the distant horizon, and those stunning spires of Cinderella Castle glistened like with the warm morning light.

By then, however, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train line wait was already well on its way to the 3 hour level before subsiding to a respectable 60 minutes, as guests eagerly sought to grab a soft opening ride in advance of the official opening on May 28th!

With an abundance of additional events, such as extra Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parades, dance parties, character greets and special snacks and merchandizing, the Magic Kingdom really did come to life in a very special way.

Line waits to meet the Angelina Jolie version of Maleficent were reported to exceed the character greet wait times of Anna and ELsa from Frozen.  Although we can’t confirm that ourselves, that would be the first time since November 2013 that the ‘cool’ girls had been ousted from top spot in the WDW popularity stakes!

With Maleficent Candy Apples and general villains collectibles selling like proverbial Olaf cupcakes, the park definitely did well through laying on this special celebration to launch the summer season.
The park crowd levels weren’t too bad at all in most of the general park areas and might serve as an encouragement to guests for the future that stayed clear for the 2014 event.
Sure, some of the headline areas such as the character greets were very popular, but 60 minute waits for the Mine Train perhaps offered testament to the fact that this is one great ride for loading unloading of large amounts of visitors!

Our favorite touch for the Rock Your Disney Side event was most certainly the 24 hour video camera that was activated especially for the day.  We so wish that was back again!
Check out the two videos taken just after daybreak on May 23rd and just before park closing on the 24th.
Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 13.07.44 copy 2

Dawn 6am 24th May 2014

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