UPDATE: By some miraculous turnaround, Disney confirmed that the contract between them and PUSH’s operator ceased in Feb 2014.
He will no longer operate within WDW theme parks.

Chances are you have never seen him.  Or if he was stationery, you mistook him for a regular trash can!  Who?  ‘PUSH’ of course, the talking Disney trash can.


PUSH the talking trash canFor those that don’t know who or what PUSH actually is, he’s a radio controlled, singing spinning whirring, talking, mischevious and very witty Disney trash can.
He has been known to appear at numerous WDW parks, but currently hangs out in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.

So popular is our garbage munching friend, that Disney’s D-TECH range even has his likeness in the form of an iPhone case!
Or what about a salt and pepper shaker?

Not convinced of his fame yet? There’s even an unofficial fan page set up for him!

PUSH is like no other Disney trash can though, he is there to tease and amuse, pursue and surprise, he is everything a mischievous garbage can should be!

He made the news recently as rumors spread like crazy that Disney were going to ‘dispose’ of his services.
Several theories point towards a dispute between Disney and the trash can’s operator, although nothing has emerged officially on that.  Disney have announced on Friday January 7th that our little metal misfit’s future is safe in the Magic Kingdom.

it just goes to prove that a lot of what you read on the internet is the absolute truth ‘Garbage’!