Prior to the recession, small plots of land on the exclusive Reunion Resort near Disney, were turning over for as much as $500k!

5 Bedroom luxury pool homes were selling quickly at $1.5m upwards.

Reunion Resort GuideAs the recession took hold and investors and homeowners let their homes slip into foreclosure, those hefty prices plunged sharply  with plots being cut down to a quarter or less of their original prices.
Completed luxury homes in ‘move in states’ also crashed by as much as two thirds of their pre recession prices as banks desperately sought to cut their losses in a ‘mortgage desert’.  Cash buyers and investors, really hoped for great things over the coming 5 or 10 years.

A recent report from the Orlando Sentinel revealed that those investors and opportunists were right, as the realty market in one of the hardest hit regions in the USA, crawls slowly back to good fortune.
The Orlando Sentinel data, indicates an astonishing Reunion Resort price recovery of up to 300%!

Reunion Homes Prices Map

As investors start to release their properties at a substantial profit, existing private homeowners  benefit too as the whole value of the luxurious realty scene on Reunion Resort thrives.
Add to that, a buoyant outlook for Reunion Resort Rental Homes and owners are not just holding a much improved capital value, but enjoy some excellent returns on their investments as the rental incomes keep steady, thanks to huge investments that all of the major park operators have committed to attractions and increased visitor numbers!

In 2012, the Central Florida attractions greeted an additional 2m visitors through their gates compared to 2011, and there’s no sign of investment slowing as the region keeps ploughing in capital at record levels!

For more information on this, read the original Orlando Sentinel article by Mary Shanklin