The Magic Kingdom’s Snow White’s Scary Adventures closed on May 31st 2012 to make way for Fantasyland’s New Princesses Fairytale Hall after a much longer than anticipated closure.

With so much time being taken to create this magical character greet, it would be a very safe bet to assume that the theme of this new area will be truly stunning.
With authentic looking castle walls and walkways, the area will do a great job of transporting you back in time for a very magical meeting with royalty!

During a day, a total of four princesses will meet and greet guests from their beautiful castle setting.  As guests enter the princess Fairytale Hall however, they must choose one of two lines to follow.  Each line will indicate which two of the four princesses to meet that day.  (If you wish to meet all four, you must rejoin the other line afterwards and wait again).
Anticipated Princesses are:  Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White however others may also join the line up at times.

Guests can expect huge wait times initially, at least for 12 months as the rush to try out the new attraction takes place.
It is not clear whether regular Fastpasses will become available, but we anticipate that the Fastpass+ system will be in use for the debut, offering MagicBand trial users to get priority line access to the princess greet.

We can expect the new princess meet and greet area to open during September or early October of 2014.
Our guess is that this much anticipated area will definitely exceed expectations of excited little princesses and their even more excited moms!