Portobello Trattoria has definitely been one of our recommended restaurants based upon our lunchtime experiences at Downtown Disney, but sadly we’ve had to remove our recommended rating and drop one rating star.
During our latest evening visit, our group felt that the service and quality of food was lacking in some key areas.  Some issues may have been down to bad fortune; a fairly monotone and serious waiter for example, but other issues were down to plain bad preparation that fall squarely on the kitchen.
We must note that the Misti appetizer was very good and the pickled vegetables were exceptional compliments to the cheeses, meats and bruschetta.  The table’s bread however was distinctly dry, to the point that our bread loving group decided unanimously that it wasn’t enjoyable.  When politely asked if we could change out the dry bread, our waiter didn’t appear to appreciate our concern whatsoever and silently and bluntly whisked the basket away to return with an identically dry collection of bread.
Ok, it’s just bread you might ask?  Well, at this sort of pricing, Downtown Disney’s headline Italian restaurnat should be better, particularly when vacation guests rarely revisit again after a bad experience.
Moving on to the pasta dishes, the Chicken Farfalle and the Bucatini came out as well presented dishes.  “Back on track!” was the feeling.  Sadly not, both dishes displayed the classic trait of a chef not tasting the dishes before they go out, or perhaps more worryingly, kitchen staff becoming immune to the salt levels of their dishes.  To be fair, the Farfalle was a little over salty, yet passable, but the added seasoning to the Bucatini effectively overloaded the naturally salty Guanciale dish to ‘Seawater Status’.
Would we go back?
Probably not by choice based upon this dining experience, but we will head there again to double check that this wasn’t bad luck!