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We love encouraging people to come to Orlando.  The beautiful climate, those incredible theme parks, and lazy days around the poolside are all the reasons why a Florida vacation is that extra bit special.

Each year, too many tragedies occur in and around the resort pools, cruise ships and vacation home pools across the United States, and often there’s one most common underlying connection:
The parents or carers were momentarily distracted.
It’s so easy to take your eyes off kids and leave them at risk, so always make a special point of ensuring that at least one adult is closely monitoring those weaker swimmers in your family.  It only takes a few seconds to make a dream vacation turn into a nightmare.

There’s so little written about the risks around the pools in travel sites as most vacation companies simply don’t like to mention anything negative!
The totalorlando team is fighting back however, and begins the summer season with the first part of our summer long pool safety campaign to help travellers stay safe in the Sunshine State!
Please share this article with as many friends as possible to help spread the vacation safety message!

Here are our Top 10 Tips for a safe day by the pool in Orlando!

  1. Most importantly of all, please don’t think that you are sensible and it won’t happen to you!
  2. Kids aged 1-4 are at the greatest risk.  Non swimmers should never be further than arms reach whenever they are in or around a poolside.  This may seem an impossible task, but the advice is worth taking to keep your kids safe!
  3. If your kids can’t swim too well, consider making swimming lessons a condition of going on vacation in Orlando.  (Most fatalities involve non swimmers or very weak swimmers).
  4. Unexpected entry into a pool is the second largest risk to children.  Ensure that your kids don’t leave your sight in resorts with pools.  If you leave them to wander around the resort unsupervised, they will naturally be attracted to the water’s edge at some point.
  5. If you are staying at a luxury Orlando vacation home, always ensure that any pool safety fence is replaced whenever adults are not present.  Please don’t assume that your kids won’t open the door to go out onto the pool deck.  Curiosity, kids and water are always a risk.
  6. Don’t assume that all resort pools have life guard services.
  7. Mickey styled water vestSwim vests are a great alternative to arm bands and offer great buoyancy, as well as being harder to remove by pre-schoolers.  To help you encourage your kids to wear them on vacation, let them wear them at the end of bath-times or use them in your local swimming pools back home.
    This might seem a little crazy to you, but the fun aspect helps the kids accept their new life vest!
  8. Alcohol is known to be a factor in almost 70% of water related deaths.  While those figures include boating incidents and other sports, our advice is never to drink to a level that may cause you lose concentration.   (US Gov water safety fact sheet)
  9. Orlando vacation home pools are required by law to include either a pool safety fence or an audible alarm fitted to all doors that can provide access out onto a pool deck.  (Note:  It is an offence to disable or tamper with any such device and at least one, must be provided for any vacation home in the State of Florida).
  10. Finally, one absolutely personal appeal from the totalorlando team:
    Never leave your kids by the pool for the briefest of moments.  That minute it takes to head indoors to use the bathroom, grab a cold beer or look for your cell phone is all it can take to be the biggest mistake of your life!

OK, so, now that the serious stuff is over, please don’t be afraid of the water, but definitely respect it at all times!
Orlando is blessed with prefect pool weather, fabulous water parks like Aquatica, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, but best of all some fabulous luxury pool homes like our fabulous collection of Reunion Resort rentals.
Please take out advice and have the vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Orlando!