We’ve often walked past the Raglan Road as we make our frequent trips to Downtown Disney.  There’s nothing wrong with the exterior, it’s charming, it’s the very thought of Irish Cuisine that had always put us off.  After all, it’s bound to be some sort of variant of the Rose and Crown in Epcot right?

Wrong, and in fact, how very wrong we were as we discovered during our latest review.

The menu board outside the restaurant shows a great variety of options, many based around traditional Irish dishes, but rather cleverly, the menu includes a good selection of non Irish dishes that contemporary Ireland has grown to love.  Dishes like the Cluck Curry, have no place in Ireland’s historic cuisine, but it’s now one of the most favourite dishes in many contemporary Dublin restaurants.  So be prepared for plenty of great and unusual dishes as you work through the quirkily named options!

Once inside, the atmosphere truly lifts, and the owner’s painstaking efforts to recreate the Dublin bars really pay off.  The bar, fittings and ornaments are rescued from real bars from the namesake area in and around the Raglan Road area of Dublin. All that is missing is the Irish chatter and captivating laughter, or you would in fact be there!

Turning to the food, whatever you order, there’s a fair chance of a few things;

The menu is written with the quirky Irish humour, the dishes are presented differently than a normal run of the mill eatery, and the food, is most certainly some of the best prepared and imaginative that you are likely to find in Central Florida.

As the appetizer battered sausages arrived, the feeling of dread rapidly lifted as the array of forks set vertically in a stainless steel block each proudly presented a banger!  The accompanying dip was delicious and complimented the lightly battered Irish Links perfectly.

The Pate and relish was equally as good, if not slightly more conservatively offered to the table on stylish dinner ware.  Yes, this looked set to be a great restaurant we thought.

The entrees followed well, great Cluck Curry, slightly Thai inspired mld green curry flavours mixed well with the juicy chicken fresh peppers and onion.

Each of the diners in our group complimented the Raglan for the freshness, great service and especially the truffle fries!

The live music adds to the feel of the place and the piped music provides a great alternative whenever the band isn’t scheduled to play.

Our only minor criticism was that our totally faultless service seemed to vanish entirely for about 10 minutes at the point that we wanted to settle the check.  Overall however, the food and charisma of the Raglan Road, makes this small issue a complete non issue in the scheme of things!

Would we go back?

Yes, most definitely, and we are pleased to add the Raglan Road at Downtown Disney to our recommended list!