Plastic Annual Disney Pass – RFID Spy in your Pocket?


This year Disney introduce a lot of state of the art technology inside their flagship parks.  Many of us will be oblivious to some of the wizardry going on as we walk, play and spend our park time away.



Plastic Annual Passes now join MagicBands as part of Disney’s determined effort to gather every possible morsel of information about Walt Disney World Resort guests and their habits and preferences!

Disney announced that from between the 20th March through May19th 2013, guests may take their paper annual pass to the Odyssey Centre in Epcot if they wish to exchange for a plastic card.  Switching is not essential and valid paper cards will be accepted at all times.

One great benefit, looks like a faster entry into the parks with Disney’s ‘touch to enter’ areas for annual pass holders.

Disney Annual Pass

What will they use the info for?  It’s not exactly clear, and, we suspect, that includes the sentiment at Disney HQ.  As the technology develops alongside the piles of data, analysts will pour over the information with incredible statistical packages that will squeeze every trend out of every corner of your visit.

Don’t mistake our appraisal for negativity!  If this means that Disney send more funnel cake mix to the parts of the park that desperately need it, I’m all for it!  Equally, if the line wait data is more accurate and our Apps can reveal the best places to head to inside the park then ‘my oh my we’ll have a wonderful day!’

It’s true that Disney will offer lots of beneficial services that will make our experience better, but, so too will they work out how to market to you with passion with their new found info!

Imagine that like us, you are a ‘low user’ of the PhotoPass system, but, you have a history of succumbing just after you’ve had a Mickey Premium Ice Cream whenever you are in Main Street USA on an afternoon, don’t be shocked to have a PhotoPass photographer hovering around you with a Napkin as your ice cream stick hits the garbage can!

That’s the power of marketing data in action, and, we really aren’t kidding or running a conspiracy theory!

On the ‘upside’ imagine meeting Mickey and as your kid hugs him, he gets a personal greeting with his/her name!  Exactly, that moment is priceless and that data privacy exchange was worth every megabyte!

Further announcements are expected about MagicBands in the next few months.

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