Pirates of the Caribbean Night

What could you possibly do on that lazy and magical Pirates of the Caribbean ride to lose your fingers?

The answer is really simple;  Ignore the Safety Advice!

Just weeks after a guy is thought to have placed his hands outside of the 20 person boat, Disney appears to have roped off the back 2 seats of its ride vehicles across all of its 5 global theme parks that include the family friendly Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.   Although we can’t be certain of the circumstances surrounding the recent incident, reports suggest that a passenger lost parts of his finger tips when placing his hands out of the ride vehicle.

Having ridden this attraction many, many times, it is quite difficult to imagine how any guest could incur such a serious injury by enjoying the attraction in a ‘normal’ manner.
By ‘normal’ we mean; sat upright in our seats with hands inside the boat.
To incur an injury like this, common sense must almost certainly have been lacking.

All moving theme park attractions are subject to ‘Envelope Tests’ prior to opening.
These tests simulate the outer limits of a guest’s limbs and head.
Short, tall, thin and large guests are simulated and a very thorough assessment of the risks of a ride are clearly understood.
Where a few unavoidable risks occur, such as when boats approach the unloading areas, you will hear a clear announcement that “you must remain seated until the ride vehicle comes to a complete stop and please keep all hands, legs and arms inside the vehicle until you are advised to leave”.

That probably is advice that is worth taking!