Scott Maxwell put’s his heart and soul into everything he writes, especially when he senses injustice!

Out ThereFor some time now, we’ve greatly admired Scott’s work as the Orlando Sentinel’s top journalist.  Typically his work is aimed at leaders, politicians and business folk.  Rarely do we get a chance to link his fantastic articles to the tourism trade.
Earlier this week we ourselves reported on the announcement by Orlando’s Mayor, Buddy Dyer.

Sir Paul McCartney was coming to the US, and his first gig of the tour was the Amway in Orlando.  Possibly brought to the region by family ties, the 70 year old former Beatle looks set to still fill a concert hall, despite his less than perfect rendition of ‘Hey Jude’ at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony in London!

It was unusual that Buddy Dyer would make such an announcement.  Why a Mayor and a press conference for an ageing rock star?
Perhaps if Buddy hadn’t raised his profile, Scott Maxwell might not have been drawn to delve into the ticketing for the Amway centre’s headline events.

In summary, the tickets for the Paul McCartney Amway Concert go on sale today (April 12th 2013).  If however, you read Scott’s article, you will clearly begin to realise that your chances are about as high as winning the State’s Powerball Lottery!
Pre-sold tickets appear to have cleared the decks, leaving very little for the public to snap up.  Worse still, those privileged pre-sales are now appearing on resale sites at grossly marked up prices!

We will leave you to enjoy Scott’s work, and please feel free to do so in the future, particularly if you have a passion for great journalism that battles against injustice!
We guarantee that it won’t put you to sleep as quickly as McCartney’s unbelievable inclusion of ‘Inchworm’ in his latest album!