Last week, James Cameron revealed some further details of the new area that so many of us have begun to know as ‘Avatar Land’ that is currently under construction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
After years of planning and negotiation since its announcement in September of 2011, it now seems like we are at last under way with this new fantasy world inspired by the 2009  Avatar movie.

photo-11With sequels under way that are due to be released in 2016, 2017 and also possibly 2018, it seems that the opening in 2017 of Pandora: The Land of Avatar is just about at its limit.
Let’s hope things run smoothly and the delays are kept to a minimum.

With speculation of “floating islands’, a boat ride style journey and an advanced flight simulation aboard a Banshee, we can expect some great experiences in what looks set to become a very popular and beautiful area inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

James Cameron however added a little more detail at the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival on Saturday May 31st.
He spoke of highly advanced animatronics for the Na’vi creatures ‘those blue people to you and me’.  He mentioned that the facial areas alone had currently been created with up to 64 axis (individual areas of movement), promising an unseen before level of realism to expressions and possibly speech.

Cameron also mentioned that the detailing of Pandora will be exceptional, which, coming from him is a remarkable credit to the Disney team.  Cameron is not known to be easily pleased when it comes to detailing, and this almost certainly contributed to the long delays for Avatar Land inside the park.
He mentions that the night time spectacle will however be a highlight of any visit to Pandora at the Animal Kingdom and “they’re using every new trick, every new bit of technology that they’ve created.

This last part really caught our attention.
The huge developments at Disney right now are those glow with the show ears and of course, most importantly, Magicbands.
We can expect both to play prominently in any evening displays at pandora, and effects to co-ordinate with guests as they wander around the park are almost guaranteed to be available.
Also, we kind of suspect too, that those Na’vi animatronics will interact with guests at a never been seen before level, offering dialogue tailored to each individual guest interaction for character greets.

Pandora: The Land of Avatar is not only a new name for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but a whole new level of theme park entertainment!

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