During my first trip to New York, I realised just how important it was to tip.
The city was recovering from the devastation of 9/11 and had a long long way to go before visitors returned in numbers with their much needed dollars.

After a rather awful breakfast, I stood up, dropped the precise dollar amount on the table and left.

As we left, the waiter frantically ran after us asking why we hadn’t left the tip!
As we explained, his almost tearful reply was that he would have done anything in his power to ensure that breakfast was great, all we had to do was just say.

As a Brit now owning a Florida home and of course this Orlando site, we thought we’d try to offer some sound advice for Brits that are heading to Florida this summer!

Although there’s a very comprehensive tip etiquette guide on our main site, here’s a very quick glance at Restaurant tipping:

  1. It is true that tips do form an official part of restaurant salaries!
  2. Never tip under 10% – Even for bad service!
  3. 15% Tips are normal and expected
  4. 20% Tips are optional for outstanding service
  5. A zero tip is viewed as unfair.

For this and more, visit our Tipping – Orlando Restaurant Tips For Brits! article.