Here’s Our Top Popular Orlando Blog Posts as of April 2013!

Andy's ComingIn a month that saw the Toy Story Characters take the lead, Disney cut short any rumours that they would flop to the floor like sleeping toys if you shout ‘Andy’s Coming!’ We also saw a huge announcement about a colossal makeover that starts this week in Downtown Disney.
Our favourite story however, was the man suing Disney for being stuck for 20 minutes on It’s A Small World, but we got some feedback from Disney fans that didn’t particularly support the legal action!
Perhaps our most intriguing post was the research we did on cold theme park restaurants, take a look and find out what we discovered the reason might be!

Thanks for a great month and we hope that May brings as much exciting news!!!

Our Most Popular Orlando Blog Posts in order! Click a link to view!

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Disney’s River Country – The Forgotten Disney World Water Park 6
News March 2013 – It’s A Small World – Man sues Disney for being stuck for 30 mins! 7
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Rapunzel’s Tower Magic Kingdom New Rest Area 9
Animal Kingdom Zebras – Just Didn’t Get Along? 10
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The Press 101 Sandwich Bar in Orlando Closed Permanently 12
Storms hit Central Florida’s Attractions just ahead of Easter! 13
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Why are Disney & Universal Theme Park Restaurants Cold? 15