A recession causes many things, lower global tourism levels, decreased spending overall and a marked increase in fraudulent activities as the ‘bad guys’ work harder to earn a crust!

Regular theme park visitors will have noticed that things are changing however;  Once over, if your fingerprint didn’t read correctly at the turnstile, which happens to all guests from time to time, the machine was reset to your current fingerprint record and you were let through with a smile.  Nine times out of ten, that won’t happen now.  Each of the main parks turnstile attendants including; Walt Disney World’s four main parks & two water parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens and Seaworld, will stop you in your tracks at the gate.

The parks are a big money spinner for sure, and whether it’s a day pass or a bottle of water, we pay well for what we get and we’d all like to think that the annual price increases would go away or slow down at least.  The truth of the matter is that a good chunk of what the genuine tourists pay for a day at a park is due to ticket fraud.

Thankfully, the Parks are onto it and those small delays at the turnstile are collectively going to make life for the fraudsters a little less easy.

So what exactly is ticket fraud?

The short answer is; Any Theme Park ticket that is purchased by one person and then resold as an unused, or part used ticket to another person.

Such a transaction does not only breach the rules of sale but is illegal under Florida State Law.

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