Do You Just Think Theme Park when you hear Florida?

We know most visitors come to Florida for the world class theme parks, however, there is so much more to the beautiful state of Florida!  It’s a real shame many visitors don’t get to experience the full beauty of their surroundings!  The first time I visited Florida, I was astounded by the amount of greenery and beautiful lakes.  Since that vey day I felt such an attachment to Florida, I just knew one day I would call it my home!

One of the most beautiful things about Florida is the endless Everglades and I can’t think of a better way to explore these wetlands than taking an airboat tour.  Boggy Creek Airboats is one of our favorite places to frequent.

Exhilarating Journey Through the Home of The Gator

The airboat ride within itself is exhilarating, as you skim across the surface of the grassy waters at speeds of 45mph.  Then envision the amount of wildlife you will encounter, this really does make this trip an unforgettable day out.

One of the reasons we like to visit Boggy Creek is the friendly folk who work there.  Nothing is a problem and they are always happy to spend time talking with guests, giving well informed information .  The guide’s really know their stuff and will happily stop and explain the wildlife surrounding you, as well as answer any questions you might have.

The Amazing Wildlife You Can Expect To Encounter

You can expect to see numerous wildlife, included are; eagles, egrets, blue herons and of course the all famous Florida resident the Gator!!  This really is the best way to experience wildlife, right where they should be in their natural habitat!


Daytime Tour

$ 27:95 30 minute tour adult
$ 23:95 30 minute tour child

Nighttime Tour

$ 54:95 Adult
$ 49:95 Child

Noisy? Not a Problem!

Earmuffs are provided as it can be extremely loud, however, not all guests choose to wear them, it’s personal choice, but they are provided free for all guests.

Native America

Guest also have the opportunity to visit the Native American village complete with Native Americans.  Discover how they originally used to live, cook and hunt, first hand!

Boggy Bottom BBQ

We decided to stop off for lunch before heading home.  The all new restaurant wasn’t bad at all.  OK it wouldn’t be on our must eat here list, but they offer a good selection of well cooked BBQ faire and a nice cold beer!


Boggy Creek Airboat Rides
2001 E. Southport Rd
FL 34746
407 348 0107