Some Recent Disney Park Incidents that Spell Tougher Turnstile Checks!

Over the last few days, Disney in particular have had some uncomfortable events in a couple of theme parks.
With a nation focusing hard on domestic terrorism, it is inevitable that we should expect Orlando theme park security to toughen up including ‘pat downs’ before we enter the parks.

A quick recap of Disney’s recent security concerns;

Disneyland California ‘Trash Can Dry Ice Explosion’ 28th May 2013

Perhaps ‘explosion’ may seem a little dramatic to some, but to those guests in the park’s Toontown area, the loud crack from within the trash can and the following evacuation of the area was all too real a reminder of the tragic events of Boston in April of this year.  No injuries or damage have been reported since the incident, and a Cast Member has been arrested in connection with the event.
Although the event looks most likely to be a misguided prank ‘gone wrong’, the scare will no doubt concern Disney Execs and Guests alike.
Click here to see what potential damage a ‘dry ice bottle’ can do

Man leaves .38 Handgun on Animal Kingdom ride

Cobra 380After a grandmother hands a .38 calibre semi auto pistol to a Cast Member on the Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur ride, Disney look like they’ve got to step up their game by some amount very quickly!
In a state that enjoys some of the most liberal gun laws in the USA, a Florida resident with a concealed weapons permit, managed to enter the theme park and somehow lose it from his possession during the bumpy Dinosaur ride.
While there’s no suggestion that he had any intent to harm, his actions have caused a stir.

Tougher Security Checks Needed?

At the moment, theme park security is little more than a bag check and a lot of camera monitoring inside and outside of the theme park entrances.
At the present time, there isn’t a regular ‘pat down’ procedure for guests entering the park, but that may soon change, even on a random basis.
In real terms, it would mean an additional 100 or so staff per theme park to 100% check guests as they hit a ‘slow down spot’ in the park entrance process.
Searching guests a a natural stop helps prevent further delays, so the bag check areas could be reconfigured or a guard at each turnstile randomly checking guests might be more likely.

Rest assured, something will change.  Now that Disney have had their ‘near miss incident’ they can’t afford to shrug it off and take no corrective action.

Disney is one of the safest places on earth!

There has to be a balance between guest safety and guest satisfaction, but, taking a leaf from the airline industries book, if we have to stop taking liquids on board, take our shoes and belts off, then we must, otherwise we simply don’t fly!

In reality, despite millions of people having endless fun, theme parks are without doubt some of the safest entertainment places on earth and their operators will work hard to keep things that way.  So we could easily see random pat downs very soon.