Vacation Home Pool Deck

Owning a vacation rental home can be a hugely profitable experience, if you make the right choices!
The home’s features, rooms, pool deck and amenities must stand out as something special if you want lots of occupancy and the highest nightly rental rates.
Research is the key to success and try to set aside too many personal opinions!
Our guide will help you find the right type of home!

The Most Important Features for an Orlando Vacation Home

  • Clean, modern decor is crucial (dated furniture loses bookings!!!)
  • A pool is essential, uncluttered and regularly pressure washed clean
  • A Heated Spa is always a nice incentive for people to book
  • Well kept grounds and clean, fresh exteriors are vital
  • Try and choose homes that are as traffic free as possible
  • Ensure that the community itself has lots of good homes that book well.
  • Trees are beautiful, but they can mess up walls, pools, driveways
  • It’s easier to ‘sell the benefits’ of a South facing or West facing pool deck
  • Use Google Maps to measure the distance to the closest Disney Archway!
    Under 20 minutes is excellent, under 30 is essential.
  • Pick a home that can accommodate two or more families with ease.
    More and more bookings are being made by families and friends sharing a vacation.
    Pay close attention to floor plans that offer living space, dining and bathrooms for larger groups.
  • En suite bathrooms for every bedroom are important to modern vacationers.
  • A professionally designed home interior will repay you with much higher occupancy.
  • Tastefully themed kids’ bedrooms are a huge hit!
    Only use official merchandise or decals to avoid a problem with Disney / Universal etc
  • A good air conditioned games room, that is well equipped with working games!
  • 4 Bedrooms and up are the most popular searches on HomeAway
  • A beautifully kept, small, affordable home, 20 minutes from Disney, will be more rewarding than a badly maintained larger, expensive property just a few minutes from Disney.
  • Affordable, clean, modern homes, with great furnishings, nice pool areas and a clean BBQ are always successful if you keep them in great condition.

Avoid these Vacation Home Mistakes!

  • Avoid traditional furnishings, pine furniture and ‘busy’ carpets and fabrics
  • If your home is not finished, furnished and maintained to ‘hotel standards’ (inside and out), you will fail to get bookings.  You will get bad reviews and no repeat guests!
  • Always leave enough in your home purchase budget to fix and improve the smallest of details before you rent it out.
  • Don’t put off repairs.  Your guests will not come back!
  • Don’t forget to replace carpets and furnishings regularly!  Dirty, worn or outdated styles can kill the desirability.  Worst still, those photographs from 5 years ago will raise the wrong expectation of your now tired home.
  • Keep one month of yearly income to one side, to ensure you always have cash available to upgrade the home.

HomeAway is the best buying tool!

The most powerful vacation rental booking platform is the key to your success in understanding the vacation rental market.
The clues to success (and failure) lie deep within those calendars, nightly rates, reviews and photographs!

Here’s what you can unearth from HomeAway in just a few days of research in a specific community!

  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the best reviews
  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the worst reviews
  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the most bookings
  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the least bookings
  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the highest nightly rates
  • Save shortcuts to the homes with the lowest nightly rates

Once you’ve got that information around you, clickable at any instant for reviewing, you can begin to piece together the success stories (and failures) of that community.

Notes on Reviews

When studying reviews, it definitely pays to ‘read between the lines’.
It’s not uncommon for owners or managers to ‘incentivize’ guests to leave a great review.
Although rare, guests can threaten owners with a bad review.
Equally, guests can just be plain nasty and make trivial issues a big deal.
Whatever the review, check to see if the owner responded, and if the owner dealt with the review, professionally and with genuine care.
A few bad reviews, handled well, are probably more important to understand the true story!

Analyzing the Booking Calendars

On the face of it, plenty of blocked out dates are a great sign.
The more it’s booked, the more likely that people like the home.
However, watch out for big chunks of solid bookings without breaks.
They probably indicate that the home has been blocked out for repairs, owner stays or long term stays.  None are a problem, but if an owner uses the home a lot, the data is distorted.
The only hope of understanding if the home is being used by genuine guests, lies in plenty of reviews.
Our advice on picking some benchmark homes, is to ensure that the bookings and reviews are plentiful!

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