The Orlando Driving Laws ask you NOT to flash your lights while moving!

2013-07-21 11.13.13

We’ve all seen it , and probably, many of us have actually done it!
When traffic ahead unexpectedly bunches up on a normally fast section of road, we reach out for that ‘Red Triangle’ button and turn on our 4 way hazard warning lights!



There’s not a state law that we know of that actually allows that!

So why do we deliberately break the law and risk a $115 spot fine?
The answer is really simple!  We think that it’s safer!  For the occupants of our vehicle anyway!

In reality, the seemingly goodwilled deed could in fact cause untold chaos behind us as we try to avoid someone colliding at speed with our vehicle.
According to Boca Raton police spokesman Marc Economou:

“When you see somebody with their hazards on, it indicates you’re stopped, need assistance or something’s wrong.”

What may then result is a ‘panic reaction’ from the drivers behind possibly resulting in the loss of control as drivers falsely react to a ‘stopped vehicle’.  The practice can be substantially more dangerous in wet conditions.

Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman Sgt. Mark Wysocky, does indicate that the law is not likley to be strongly enforced by officers that choose not to get soaked by writing up a citation:

“It’s more about awareness, reminding people that it is illegal to drive with hazard lights on,” commented Wysocky.

Drivers should of course be aware that Wysocky’s comments are all well and good if there isn’t a collision.  If video cameras do however indicate that your hazard lights actually caused a serious incident, you may be faced with a lot of tough legal costs!


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