Orlando Attraction Closures – Avoid the Frustration!

Unless you are headed to Orlando in peak season, there’s a very good chance that you will stumble across the odd attraction that is closed for several weeks worth of maintenance.


Most of the time, this is fine, you can live with it, but, when it’s your family’s #1 ride, you can get a little messed up after spending thousands of dollars and travelling thousands of miles!
In some cases, an entire operation that closes down, notably the two Disney Water Parks (thankfully at different times of the year!).
We’ve listed quite a few of the known closures in our theme parks articles section of our main Orlando Travel guide, so click here to find our list of Orlando Attraction Closures by date.

We certainly wouldn’t suggest planning an entire vacation around one attraction’s closure, but, armed with some good knowledge, at least you can enjoy the parks without any shocks and unpleasant surprises!

Please bear in mind, that the dates may change at short notice, and although rare, attractions have been known to close unexpectedly for extended periods without notice.

None of the parks offer refunds for individual ride closures.  (The nearest you can get to such generosity is from Fun Spot, who kindly offer ‘rain checks’ in the event of bad weather.