October 1st 1971 changed the world in many ways, not least for the citrus growing areas of Central Florida!

A few lucky people were there that glorious day, but for the rest of us, we must rely upon archive images and video in order to catch a glimpse of some real Disney Magic!
Disney were no newcomers to the theme park industry, thanks to Disneyland in Anaheim Californiawhich opened over 16 years earlier on July 17, 1955.
Walt admittedly made some mistakes with the construction of the Californian park, that he became determined never to repeat with his covert development of ‘Disney World’.
(As a tribute to Walt’s involvement with WDW, the park became officially known as Walt Disney World, following his death on December 16th 1966)

The Grand Opening Parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Although opened for several weeks, WDW’s Magic Kingdom’s Grand Opening Parade took the first step into Main St USA on October 25th 1971.  Hers a quick glimpse of that amazing day at the Magic Kingdom;

The band consisted of over 1076 marching members, who played to a delighted crowd as 50,000 balloons were released into the sun filled skies above Cinderella Castle!
Mickey and Drum Parade 2 Parade