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Our Top 10 Restaurants In Orlando will soon be reduced to 9 for much of 2016, as the Flying Fish Cafe takes a HUGE break from service at Disney’s Boardwalk.
The gorgeous family orientated upscale table service restaurant is going to take on a major refurbishment from February 1st right through until November 2016.

Although we will miss this lovely restaurant, we do feel that the refit was long overdue, as the dining area did look a little dated.  No doubt a result of the abundance of love the place has received over the years!

The good news, is that the theme won’t be changing, the name and the menu direction will be unscathed.  Let’s hope that fabulous open kitchen makes its way to the end too, as it always looked impressive as guests entered the restaurant.

With such a lengthy closure, we might need to brace ourselves for a few changes to the menu, but that’s just our speculation.  A closure of this scale is often an opportunity for Disney to keep the big favorites, but slide in some new tasty menu items to move with customer tastes.

As alternatives, Boardwalk guests have plenty of choice still, especially if they have a park pass that allows them to stroll around and the wooden walkways and head into Epcot’s ‘hidden turnstyle’ near France.

Bon appetite!!!